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this is a Lion King forum owned by Shanny. sorry guys, the domain isn’t for sale right now. russian dogs — fuck off.

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Just Can't Wait to Be King!

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•Тип флешбэка: интерлюдия
•Лица, принимающие участие: Симба, Нала, Зазу
•Место: Прайдленд
•Обстановка и обстоятельства: Симба предлагает Нале прогуляться до Слоновьего Кладбища, но Зазу решительно против этой глупой затеи.

Вселенная - The Lion King. Игра проходит на английском.



It's great to be a Prince, the Heir of King Mufasa. Bows, glimpses of unexpected peoples' love every here and there, and, sure, the title. Everything the light touches — just as Dad's said today. Everything to his, Simba's, command.

Great, indeed. But jeez, was it boring.

These lectures, lessons, history, manners, don't do this and don't do thats.

Sometimes Simba wishes he'd born not a Price but a common lion. He would respect Dad and stuff — like he already does — but would be allowed to do much more than just sitting and studying. Who cares about Great Kings of the Past anyway?

Tales for kids — that's what they all are. But Simba's glad today he has something much more interesting than listening to Dad. And — lucky he — he can share it with the one and only lion that understands. Or, rather, a lioness.

«Hey Nala!», Simba ran right into her and her Mom Sarafina. And, of course, his Mom, Sarabi, should also be somewhere near. But she doesn't need to know...

Well, anything.

Nala seemed to be too busy bathing, so Simba had to lower his mouth to her ears.

«Come on. I just heard about this great place», whispered Simba, hoping that they would be on their way before Sarabi notices something.

'Argh, girls. Always caring about nonsense and leaving really important stuff behind their fluffy butts'.



What is wonderful life of a lion cub! No worries, no duties! You can play all day, you will be fed, washed and even help to sleep.

So today in the morning, there was a delicious breakfast, and now a pleasant wash. It ended soon, though it is not usual. Suddenly a storm named Simba appeared. In addition, he definitely had some kind of plan! I understood it from a sly look. Moreover, when he also began to whisper about the “great place”, then all the questions seemed to disappear.

- Hi, Simba,- I answered with smile. I took a step away from my mother and looked into the eyes of my best friend.
I love adventures, always this proud prince found something that could amaze me. Now, it seems, that he has found something interesting ... But I was distracted from his proposal, seeing my mother’s tail brush, which she called to play. I was sure that mom was watching us. That is why the lion’s voice was quiet.

- Well, where's your great place? - I asked, my voice quiet to the end of the question. I immediately wanted to understand how long the journey would be. Once we walked half a day to his new secretive refuge. As a result, we almost got lost. So I would not want to repeat the same number.
Suddenly, Sarabi, the mother of Simba, appeared on the horizon. It was necessary to do something. Although without her permission, we still can’t leave. Therefore, I looked at my companion pending of what we would do. In addition, I still do not know where we will go in future.

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Sits on the three above the lionesses with arrogant face. Shakes the feathers and mutters the popular little song under his breath. The song was about forbidden love between Giraff and Antelope and one wise Parrot who screams from the tree branchs.
Placidity of rest was broken by young prince and Zazu start to listen what are cubs will talking about. They are a petulant childrens so his Zazu`s duty is keep an eye on them.

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Вы здесь » Король Лев - Королевство Света » Флешбэки » Just Can't Wait to Be King!

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